What Real Clients Are Saying

While Coaching with Josie:

(Names Withheld For Privacy)


“You’re very crisp. Very Brooke-esk.” (referring to Brooke Castillo, Founder of The Life Coach School)


“I like you. I like seeing your name on my calendar. Some coaches don’t seem confident, but you’re very confident.” 


“I’ve been a Scholar for a year and a half and no one has asked me questions like that before. I really liked it.”


“That’s so tricky. You’re so good Josie.” 


“I love coaching with you every time I get you.”


“Thank you for understanding this so well and making it so clear and easy for me. I feel like some people just get it and you just get it.” 

Are you ready to feel better?


“That was really efficient. We knocked those out.”


“I love your giggle. It did my heart good, so thank you.”


“You are so matter of fact. I love that.”


“Oh. You good Josie. It’s like watching an Olympic athlete do their thing. You get paid to have conversations, but those two thoughts you just gave me are priceless.”


“Thank you so much! That was REALLY good.”


“I just want to thank you. Because I cried, I know I felt safe with you. So thank you.”

What People Are Saying About the Podcast:

 “Oh Josie! I’m so glad it’s you!”


“You’re really good. I know I’ve commented on that before and you said you just believe you’re good, but how much practice did you get?”


“Thank you! God bless.”


“This is brilliant. This is amazing. This is awesome. I know what my work is now.”


“Is there a way that I can just have you be my coach for these 20 minute sessions? You are excellent. I mean it. You showed me my blind spots. You are excellent.”


“Josie! It’s so good to see you. Work your magic!”


“Thank you Josie. Have I told you how much I love you recently? Until next time.”

“I was delighted when I saw your name on the calendar invitation.”


“I feel stressed out and was going to cancel, but then I saw that it was you and I thought “I’ve met with Josie a few times. She’s nice. I can go.”


“Thank you for not believing me.”


“No one’s ever asked me that before.”


“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You don’t know how much this means to me. You’re really good at your job. You cleared it all up and now I don’t have to spend my weekend doing models on this. *blows kisses*


“I wish I had recorded this session”


“Thank you Josie. The belief “I’m not good enough” felt big, but you were like “no, no” and I’m very happy with what we did today.”


“I have a friend in Scholars and we were talking about coaches we liked. She mentioned you and how you helped her, so I was excited when I got you. I really like your style of coaching and wanted to make sure I told you that before the end of the session.”


“I wish I had recorded this session”


“This was fun”


"God, you're good."


“I like you. How can I work with you again?”


“That was really good. Thank you.”