Hi, I'm Josie. I'm here to help you:

Live a life where you

find MEANING and feel ALIVE.


a·live: /əˈlīv/ state of being, growing, facing fears, having breakthroughs, vulnerable and brave, experiencing new things, spectrum of emotion, adventure, in motion, awake, connected to power, really living, not dead 


Stop feeling like you're living in Groundhog's Day. Start waking up with zest, gratitude, and purpose.

Stop setting the same goals you've set every New Years since 2018. Start facing fears, taking bold action, and hitting those scary, meaningful goals. Make the money. Run the marathon. Find the love of your life. Create the family. Take the trip. Change the political policy. Declutter the house. Start or scale the business. Love your body. Whatever it is, let's get you those results that you keep day dreaming about!

Stop giving your power to the people around you, believing that if everyone around you would change, your life and relationships would change. Start owning your relationships and creating the connection you want with the people that matter. (Even and especially witht those loved ones that you have fundamental, conflicting differences with.)

Stop numbing out with overInstagramming, overNetflixing, overdrinking, overpornographying, overeating, overshopping, and all the other things we overuse to numb out with. Start reaching for your go-to pleasures less and finding more enjoyment living a life you don't have to escape from.